Science says this comfort food is as addictive as drugs

If you’re fond of a cheeky midnight snack, you better be careful or you might find yourself in a bit of a sticky situation. As far as self-control goes anyway.

That sneaky dairy monster is cheese. Yup, that’s right, a study by the University of Michigan found out all that gloopy golden goodness can be as addictive to the body as drugs.

The survey of 500 students – using the Yale Food Addiction Scale – revealed that high fat and highly processed foods were the most likely to result in an addiction.

Furthermore, the scientists found that cheese – which includes an ingredient called casein and releases opiates called casomorphins – is one of the worst culprits.

Dr Neal Barnard of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine even went so far as to dub it “dairy crack”, reports the Telegraph

Some of the least addictive foods were unsurprisingly (!) the healthiest. Salmon and brown rice won’t have you chewing the door frame in frustration. Unfortunately you can eat as much as you want. Pizza however, with it’s high cheese count, is a big no no.

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