This is the REAL cure for your hangover

We’ve all heard (and tried) them. Miracle hangover cures that claim to ease your thumping head, but never work. So if you don’t want to spend your Sunday munching on asparagus or swilling raw eggs (two actual internet suggestions), then you’re in luck.

According to a study from the CSIRO, the answer is, wait for it, asian pear juice. Bit of an anti-climax we know, but seriously!

It sounds like a long shot, but apparently, pears impact certain key enzymes in your body, helping you to metabolise alcohol quicker than normal. Now, the rate is only about one drink every hour – which is a tad slower than most of you chuggers we know – but still, every little helps!

Unfortunately, you’ll need to remember to gulp the juice down before you hit the bar, or it won’t work.

We predict your local supermarket will be chock-a-block with groaning partygoers come Sunday morning, all looking for pear juice, so probably best to get yours now and stay ahead of the game.

Now what?