Heat presenter, Sarah Powell’s List of Lust: ‘8 things I think would make the week better’

Hello love. I’m Sarah Powell and I’m a freelance radio presenter type, so my working week ranges from being at home in a onesie with a laptop (as I am now) or at my desk at heat towers or in a box talking to myself and playing you Kylie.

I bloody love a list. My life basically consists of crossing things off the several lists I have on the go at any one time. I will also add things I’ve done and then immediately cross them off to make me feel like I’m more productive. That still counts by the way, Caitlin Moran does exactly the same thing.

So every week the lovely people at List for Life have asked me to put together the 8 things I think would make the week better. From a good pencil skirt to what to read while you commute and inevitably something food based, I will do my best to make the working week a little more joyful. So here I present to you my very first List of Lust! EXCITING.

Words: Sarah Powell

1. Boden pencil skirt (boden.co.uk, £39.75)

I haven’t worn a skirt since I was at school and I thought the grey, itchy pleats had put me off for life until I found this little darling from Boden. AND it’s in the sale! Ideal to keep you staying chic from morning meeting to post work drinks. 

SP Boden Skirt2. Paul’s Boutique Gwyneth backpack (paulsboutique.com £70)

I don’t know who Gwyneth is but I want her bag! God love a backpack to pile everything into and have your hands free and this one is stunning. Loads of colours but I love the neon leopard print.

Image credit: Paul's Boutique

Image credit: Paul’s Boutique

3. Kindle (amazon.co.uk, from £59.99)

You are probably all over this already but I finally admitted I rarely can fit a book in my bag so never read anything. I finally got one this year and now I’m reading like Matilda. It has changed my life and my commute.

Image credit: Amazon Kindle

Image credit: Amazon Kindle

4. Goo.ey phonecase (gooeyhq.com £22.99)

These are very clever phone cases that stick to mirrors and glass so you can take photos of yourself instead of bothering your boyfriend/ partner/ sister/ stranger on the bus to do it. Excellent for selfies in the loos at work.

Goo.ey - Image credit: Rachel Verghis

Goo.ey – Image credit: Rachel Verghis

5. Sippy Water Cup (Primark £3.50)

I am determined that this Spring I will transform from dried out old raisin wino to hydrated goddess, so this straw cup guy is perfect to make me actually drink water instead of 18 cups of tea in a row.

SP Cup Straw6. McVities Nibbles (sainsburys.co.uk £1.60)

Chocolate balls but ALSO biscuits in a very sizeable bag to keep you going from 3PM through to the end of First Dates. Obscenely moorish.

SP Nibbles7. “Enjoy Everyday” notebook (paperchase.co.uk, £5)

I am a devil for a notebook and despite having 14 on the go already there’s always space for a new one. And anyway this one is sparkly. 

Image credit: Paperchase

Image credit: Paperchase

8. Fresh Meat (http://www.channel4.com/programmes/fresh-meat)

If, like me, you only came in on the last episode of the last series, so kept asking questions like “who’s he?” and “is he going out with her?” all the way through it, we can go back, download the lot and watch it from the very start on All 4 to and from work.

Image credit: RexFeatures

Image credit: RexFeatures

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