Heat presenter, Sarah Powell’s List of Lust: ‘8 MORE things I think would make the week better’


Hello gorgeous! I’m Sarah Powell and thank you for having a gander at my new List of Lust, which is some objects of wonder that I reckon can make the week at work at little more bearable. I am a self employed radio and TV presenter type so I work anywhere with wifi and tea. Some days I’m at home with unwashed hair working on my laptop and other days I’m at my desk at Heat towers or I might be working whilst eating cheese toasties in town somewhere.

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a bloody good list. Lists can make you feel like you’re getting shit done and being very productive even if it’s just doing things like “find blue pen” or “put cup in dishwasher.” The other day I put “move cushions round on sofa” on a list and then proudly cross it off after I’d done it.

So I have made for you a list of 8 brilliant things, from a bomber jacket to a decent lunch box, to make this week at work a little bit better. Feast on it and feel free to cross off anything that you do on it.

Words: Sarah Powell


I love this instagram feed. It’s self explanatory really, just beautifully drawn celebrities atop various sandwiches to make you smile on the way to work. My favourite is “Notorious B.I.G. on a BLT with avocado.”


Image credit: Instagram – @CelebsonSandwiches

Lunchbox (oliverbonas.com £17)

Don’t throw away the last of the penne from last night! Pop it into this terribly chic lunchbox and take into work for lunch (or mid morning snack…) Plus you don’t even have to remember to bring a fork.

Image credit: Oliver Bonas

Image credit: Oliver Bonas

Batiste Dry Shampoo On the Go (superdrug.com £1.50)

Dry shampoo is one of my favourite things after cheese and faux fur. Not only can you use it on days when you can’t be bothered to wash your hair, it can also be used to pep it up a bit. Ideal if you’re going straight to date night from the office or if like me you like your hair the size of Wales.


Image credit: Batiste

Zara Bomber (zara.com, £29.99)

I put on instagram I want to elope with this jacket and marry it. Zara have got the most amazing bomber jackets in at the moment and they are perfect for this weird its-warm-but-I-still-want-a-jacket phase.

Image credit: Zara

Image credit: Zara

Line of Duty (bbc.co.uk)

I finally managed to watch this now it’s on it’s third series. Luckily there’s a very useful catch up of what happened in the first two series so you can totally blag it. The whole thing is on iPlayer you can download it and be cross when you’re already at work and have to stop watching it.


Image credit: BBC

Archive by Alexa, The Eliza Dress (marksandspencer.co.uk, £45.00)

Clever Alexa Chung has been up to Leeds to go through the Marks and Spencer Archive and choose the best bits to re create. Most of the heat office have been wearing something from the collection and I adore this paisley dress. Well done Alexa.


Image credit: Marks & Spencers

JOY Tiger Cushion (joythestore.com, £25.00)

Every office chair deserves a brilliant cushion which you can then cuddle if everything is getting a bit stressful.

Image credit: JOY

Image credit: JOY

Cadbury Medley Bar (sainsburys.co.uk, £1.50)

These are new and stunning. Have one on the go on your desk or in a drawer for emergencies. The biscuit and fudge one is to die for.


Image credit: Sainsburys