Are you more right-brained or left-brained?

We have a habit of identifying ourselves by the binary categorisation of either left-brained or right-brained – it doesn’t really leave much wriggle room. Regardless, the left-brain pertains to those that have a personality that is steered by more logic and reasoning whereas the right-brain is driven by creativity and intuition.

It’s unfair to say that anyone is totally one or the other. We are all made up of varying degrees of both right and left and, as well all, you can teach yourself to be logical the same way creativity is a muscle.

This new flowchart from Hubspot is a good barometer for those who have never really known what side of the neural coin they land on. It’s also great for those that have been telling people they are one or the other for years and want some substantial proof.

The questions are a little more discerning than “do you hate painting?” or “do numbers make you puke and cry?”. I took the test and here’s what happened.

First off, when listening to music I listen to the tune more than the lyrics. Maybe it’s because I play music and gravitate toward elements I can make sense of? Next, am I on time? Always, next question. How do I make difficult decisions? I dive in heart first and then usually cry about the results. I’m not a great rule-follower, part-due to how lazy I am. I make sense of complicated concepts by watching someone else do it.

The results are in: I am what the kids call right-brained. “While concrete analysis may be difficult for you, you have no problem letting your creativity shine.” That’s a very nice thing to say, thanks flowchart!


Image credit: HubSpot

Side note: Hopefully you’re reading this after taking the test. Your results might be altered by the fact that the answer bubbles corresponded to what side of the brain the top image showed. I suppose if you noticed that you are more left-brained than right – or the other way around, I still don’t fully understand.