Six Movies On Netflix Now That Will Help You Destress After A Tough Week

We dole out advice about how to make the most of your excursions to bars but this Friday, let’s take it down a notch. Send some feeler texts out and organise a last minute session of relaxing movies at your place.

Round up the gang, tell them all to bring plenty of snacks and drinks and start building a comfort fort in your living room or bedroom. In terms of value for money, Netflix has the biggest array of movies out there so here are six recommendations that you might not have seen, that are worth spending your Friday night on.

1. The Gift

If you’re the type to like to freak yourself out, this dark thriller starring Joel Egerton and Jason Bateman is a twisted reminder that past bullying can come back to haunt you. It’ll purge that knots right out of your shoulders as you’ll be too tired at the end of it to remember what you were stressed about.

2. Clerks

Before Seth Rogan made the stoner-comedy commercial, Kevin Smith created Clerks out of every penny he ever earned. It’s occasionally mindless but it’s one of those great movies you can watch just fly by without having to flex a neuron.

3. What We Do In The Shadows

An off-kilter comedy from the same minds that brought us Flight Of The Concords. A mockumentary that follows the lives of four vampire housemates all different eras. A often touching but primarily off the rails and hilarious parody of the vampire obsessed occult.

4. Slow West

A sparse and silent western featuring Michael Fassbender. Clocking in at 80 minutes, Slow West is a great watch if you want something slow-paced, beautiful and wrought. Think of it like diet-Django Unchained.

5. Robot and Frank

A retired bank robber is stuck with a robot caretaker after he grows too old to be completely independent. After some initla friction the two decide to do what’s best for both of them: one more heist. A heart-warming and joyous movie!

6. X+Y

A brilliant and heartwarming tale of a mathematically advanced young man who struggles to connect with people learning to overcome his social drawbacks. An understated love story that you could only find on Netflix.