12 quickest ways to get people to dislike you! ?

“All you’ve got to do if you want to be successful is win friends and influence people”, oh right, easy then? The only thing you really need to know about having a successful is that there will be people you like and people you very much dislike. The key is to figure out who is worth your time and who you actually need to keep around.

People can be intolerable. Being English means that we are intrinsically more distrusting of anyone that isn’t us. But it isn’t just you and I that seethe with contempt on a daily basis, Business Insider have made a whole bloody infographic that details the kind of people they dislike most.

First impressions generally means “how long until people figure out they don’t like you”. There are an unlimited amount of little things you can do to make someone dislike you but this graphic collates the 12 most common and universal traits and actions of dislikable people.


Don’t panic if you do some of these. Panic if you do all of them.

Here are our top four favourites:

  • Amount of Facebook friends: one study showed that likability ratings were lowest when a person had around 100 friends and almost as low as when they had more than 300 friends.
  • TMI: Disclosing too much personal information at the beginning of a relationship makes you seem insecure and, quite frankly, a bit of a weirdo. Talk about something like film or music rather than your ex-girlfriend’s annoying habits.
  • Profile pictures: a picture contains a thousand words and can make people dislike you. Research suggests that faces photographed about 1.5 feet away (selfies, for example) are considered less trustworthy.
  • Too nice: apparently there is such a thing as being too nice. One study found that acting too altruistically can make you look like you have ulterior motives!


Image credit: Shutterstock