Midday Moment: How to prepare yourself for ‘going to alone’

There’s an inordinate amount of pressure on young people to ‘go it alone’. As more and more of us move back in with our parents and the reality of ever being able to afford a flat becomes distant, individuality is becoming an abstract myth. The hyper-connected world that we live in doesn’t prepare us any better either.

For many, university makes or breaks how we view being alone. Personally, I developed an affinity for doing things on my own. Seeing films, going to town, getting coffee – and yet, the idea of moving out and embracing this new-found self-sufficiency is terrifying.

And it’s not just me. Learning to prepare oneself for ‘going it alone’ should be empowering, here’s why.

1. Opportunities are easier to grasp

Have you ever travelled through an airport on your own? It’s so easy. You don’t have to worry about anyone else but yourself, your bags and your own time. As maybe the most stressful human process we deal with, the airport example is a perfect metaphor for living life alone. Things are similarly simple and rewarding by doing them alone.

How many times you have not been to the cinema or a gig because your company bailed? Don’t worry about what other people are thinking because you’re out there living your life while they’re depending on other people to grasp opportunities.

2. Self-sufficiency 

Of course we all have self-sufficiency but proving it on a larger scale isn’t something everyone can prove. Don’t rely on Beyoncé to empower you, believing in yourself is the most inspiring thing you can do for yourself.

It sounds cynical but sometimes the only person you can rely on is yourself. Prepare for disappointment by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

3. Learn that alone doesn’t mean anti-social

Sometimes you’ll have to flat-out tell people close to you that it’s time for you to go it alone, they’ll call it ‘anti-social’ but remember that from their perspective ‘anti-social’ is synonymous with “not being with me”.

Life is about personal balance, you owe yourself some alone time, it could be hours or days – it’s up to you to decide!