Six Easy Hacks You Need To Prepare Yourself For The Ultimate Chill Night In

Happy Friday everyone! You’re telling everyone you’ve had a hard week, or you went out last weekend – whatever excuse you’re going with, a chill night-in with the pals or alone is definitely sounding like a great option right now.

While everyone else is frantically trying to preen themselves for their big nights out, the mantle of responsibility is on you to get home and immediately slip into the comfiest shorts, trackies or onesie you own.

Here are six ways you can prepare for the chillest night in of 2016.

1. Get a confirmed guest-list

The last thing you want on your sacred night-in is people calling you up to either hassle you about coming out or ambiguously asking if you have plans. You don’t have time for this. Get a confirmed list of participants beforehand and avoid any stress from people with a vendetta to harsh your mellow.

2. Pick a movie beforehand

If you do plan on watching a movie or binge watch a TV show, pick and agree upon your viewing feature way in advance. For one, it’ll make the anticipation better and you won’t spend half of your night perusing Netflix for something “light but not too light”.

3. Load up on enough supplies for two nights

The nightmare situation is that you run out of supplies halfway through the night. Once you open the binge-eating floodgates, the hunger never stops. Buy enough confectionary for two nights and you’ll still have plenty left-over for next week.

4. Disconnect from the outside world

Operate a strict phones off policy. The last thing you want is to have big nights out infiltrating your chill night in. Watching a glorified lifestream of your other friends’ night out via the medium of club selfies is not the best use of your time off.

5. Begin the night with a casual drink

This might sound counter-intuitive, however, setting a meeting place that isn’t your house means that you can get all of the small-talk out of the way, introduce people who might not know each other and then clear out to the comfort cave before the going-outers arrive.

6. Get to bed early

The best thing about night ins, is how early and refreshed you can wake up the next day. Seize your Saturdays back from the clutches of nausea/greasy spoon breakfasts and make something of your weekend.