Positivity Pack is like Lootcrate for when you’re down in the dumps

List For Life believe that you deserve to be happy, that everybody deserves to happy. Whether you need to quit your job, take the occasional sick day or just pack it all in and go travelling. Your happiness shouldn’t be squandered on the account of someone else. However, sometimes all you need to perk up is a little gesture that reminds you that there’s always someone out there who cares about you. That’s where Positivity Pack comes in…

When I first read about this company I immediately thought of the Geek-delivery service, Loot Crate. They send a box of nerd goodies every month to subscribers. Positivity Pack does a similar thing just instead of nerd goodies, you’re getting a chill-out kit filled with stuff like bubble wrap, sweets, affirmation guides, confetti and loads more good stuff.

great blog full of helpful tips to feel happier, destress and get a better handle on the intricacies of your mental health.

Whether a friend is leaving for another country or you just want to cheer up someone who means a lot to you. A small gesture of positivity goes further than you think!