Five *Amazing* Poetry Sites To Find Some Inner Peace At Your Desk

There’s a time and a place for poetry and National Poetry Day passes as acceptable. However, during the deadline hours, we don’t think your colleagues would appreciate you taking a 25 minute reflection break. However, the power of word can often boost your overall productivity.

Ranging from cohesive archives of the classics to daily updates containing short phrases and poems to share with your loved ones: here are 5 fantastic poetry websites to peruse through when you get a minute at work.


1. Poetry180

Originally designed for American classrooms, Poetry180 provides a daily poem catered specifically to bookend the day with. Perfect reading if you get to your desk 5 minutes early or a way to end the day on a contemplative note. With 180 individual poems available, this site will last you the better part of a working year and provide daily peace as and when you need it.

2. Bartleby

One of the largest collections of free poems and passages on the whole of the internet. You might feel a bit overwhelmed from the off but Bartleby is perfect for anyone already acquainted with the poetic arts. With a comprehensive search option, this site is amazing if you have a verse or line stuck in your head and need to find it’s source.

3. Poetry Daily

Ran by the lucky owners that managed to bag the domain – you already know it’s worth trusting. For those interested in more contemporary passages and live poetry readings, Poetry Daily is a basic and informative tool for getting poetry news, daily poems and event details.


4. Writers Network

As much of a social tool as it is a source of upcoming and popular poems. A great place to discuss and share poems and connect with people who have the same love of words as you do. Share your own works and review others on a friendly and supportive platform.

5. Poet Seers

A great source for poetry buffs who have a taste for world traditions and passages with a spiritual aura around them. When the day has really been wearing you down, Poet Seers could provide the passage you need to dig you out of a mental rut with kind words and inspiring sentiments.