Four Ways Organising Your Desk And Home Will Put Your Mind At Ease

The clutter around your desk and home is like a visual manifestation of your compounding worries and woes. Your desk should be a place of focus and clear mindfulness whereas your home is a refuge from the stresses of work, a safe space. These are modern sacred hubs and should be to make you feel at ease and they can be, with a little organising. 

Coming home everyday to a reminder that you should be spending your free time on chores is disheartening to say the least. Similarly, rolling into the office and seeing stacks of scribbled post-its, empty sandwich boxes and printed documents just makes you want to pack it all in.

Give yourself the space you deserve by organising your desk. Here are four reasons  you should – you’ll thank yourself later.

1. Clutter is naturally stressing

Back in the caveman times, life was easy. You had your cave, your rocks, your hairy children and that was it! A totally streamlined life. Nowadays we have clutter coming out of our ears. It’s a proven fact that cluttered rooms and spaces create anxiety whether you put this down to ‘Feng Shui‘ or subconscious association, that’s your call. Living in tidy spaces is good for the mindful self.

2. Personal surroundings are nurturing

There’s a reason it feels so good visiting home. Familiar and tranquil environments are natural de-stressers. It’s why you should keep mementos around your house but also why clothing marketers use tranquil and exotic surroundings to flog their products.

3. Save yourself time and money

Not only will a lack of organising cost you your sanity, you’ll spend actual money on things that you already own and didn’t realise you had. Also, if you’re terrible with documents and bills, you could be fined for paying things late.

4. Feng Shui

Okay, bare with me. I know not everyone believes in the Chinese discipline that a well-ordered home aligns vital energy to bring good fortune. However, as proven by the practice of Quirkology, positive thinking leads to positive lives. Believing in Feng Shui will actually yield positive results, even if it means rearranging all your furniture.