The Olympic Power Couples That Are Setting *Serious* Relationship Goals

Your timelines are probably full to the brim with news from the Olympics but this one will seriously warm your heart. Between green pools and loose phones, lies the heart of the olympics: the olympians themselves. Many of which have forged beautiful relationships through this four yearly tradition.

We’re not saying that these relationships are better than yours but these couples are in seriously good shape. These are the kind of couples that go to the gym together and make everyone feel terrible about themselves.

Don’t get jealous though, these global sports stars are setting relationship goals you should aim for!

Laura Trott and Jason Kenny

Starting with some of our own team, these GB cyclists have both won golds for our country across their pedalling careers. They’ve been engaged since 2014. Their relationship was kept a secret until the London olympics where they were snapped having a secret kiss in the stands. The wedding is set for next year after the post-Rio madness dies down!

Image credit: RexFeatures

Image credit: RexFeatures

Helen Richardson-Walsh and Kate Richardson-Walsh

Not only are these two the first openly gay married couple to compete in the olympics together, but they’re on the same team. These two team GB field hockey players have been teammates for twenty years but have only been a couple for eight years. They were married in 2013, aww.

Image credit: Instagram - @katewalsh11gb

Image credit: Instagram – @katewalsh11gb

Brianne Theisen-Eaton and Ashton Eaton

Known as ‘Team North America’, Brianne is of Team Canada and Ashton is of Team USA. They met at university together and were married in 2013. These two athletics competitors still root for each other despite the neighbourly rivalry!

Image credit: RexFeatures

Image credit: RexFeatures

Georgie Twigg and Iain Lewers

These two GB hockey players got it together at the London Olympics and are currently at Rio trying to bring home the gold!

Image credit: Instagram

Image credit: Instagram

Siobhan-Marie O’Connor and Chris Walker-Hebborn

The ‘Instagram Couple’ of the Olympics, these two Olympic swimmers, despite having only dated for two years, are very vocal about each other online!