The *Official* Olympic Opening Ceremony Drinking Game

It’s finally here, as of midnight tonight, the Olympics 2016 in Rio De Janeiro will officially begin! Olympic coverage will begin on BBC 1 at about 8:30 but the official opening ceremony doesn’t begin until 11:40pm.

Cancel your plans because whatever you have booked can wait. In all its glory we present to you: “The Official Olympic Opening Ceremony Drinking Game 2016”.

The opening celebration for the Olympics is always an imbalanced and disorientating affair full of music, fireworks, dancing, weird characters, weirder costumes and a whole load of national pride. Why not celebrate Team GB with a classic British past-time: getting hammered in your front-room on a Friday night.

All Hail, Queen Ennis - Image credit: RexFeatures

All Hail, Queen Ennis – Image credit: RexFeatures

What You’ll Need

A simple list of minimum requirements:

  • A globe and/or world map
  • Two – six friends that can handle their drink
  • A variety of hard liquors from all over the world
  • A lined stomach (it’s going to be a long night)

The ceremony is broadcasting until 4am so treat this like a marathon, not an 100m sprint…

The Rules

One finger/drink

  • A new country is introduced/the music abruptly changes.
  • Russia is mentioned in any capacity. Any ‘doping’ mentions do not count unless Russia is explicitly name-dropped.
  • A glorious shot of the Olympic torch is shown.

Two fingers/drinks

  • Anytime the cost of the Olympic stadium/hosting is brought up.
  • Anytime anyone says anything about Team GB or any athletes on Team GB.
  • Anytime someone mentions corruption, Brazilian or otherwise.

Three fingers/drinks

  • Any cameraman creep shots (you know what we mean).
  • Anytime someone taking a selfie is caught in the act.
  • Some children sing beautifully.

Finish your drink

  • Any technical error
  • You catch someone starting to fall asleep (this one is cruel)
  • The GB parade begins (show some national pride!)
  • Fireworks. Any fireworks at all.
Image credit: RexFeatures

Image credit: RexFeatures

Geography Shots

This is a special rule that only applies at the beginning of each country’s showcase. As soon as the announcer reveals the name of the country, one person from the group is nominated to look up where that country is located on the map.

The other members of the group all take turns to point out on the map where that country lies but only in the eye-line of the person who knows the correct answer.

If an incorrect answer is given, that person must do a shot of hard liquor (use the Brazilian spirit cachaca for a Rio flavour). A correct answer means no shot. If everyone in the group guesses the country right, the person who looked up the countries location first has to finish their drink.

Have fun and go Team GB!