Off skiing anytime soon? Here are 6 apps that you NEED

Snow season is approaching which means it’s almost time to ditch work, strap some gear on and shred the European/North American powder. Thousands of Brits will be heading out between now and March to ski resorts all over the world.

The name of the game? Thrill-seeking. However, it’s 2016. throwing yourself down the side of the mountain isn’t good enough anymore. You need several apps to enhance the experience. Luckily, we’ve got you covered – here are six essential apps for the skiing (or snowboarding) fanatic in your life.

1. ActionShot

Get your mate to be your photographer and make some amazing action sequences with this easy to use tool. Decide how many photos you want to take per burst and what intervals to shoot at. You might not be the best skier but with some clever photography, no one will ever know.

2. RealSki

Specifically for North American skiers, RealSki will give you the low-down on every famous landmark you can see from the peak of the mountain. Just point your camera at whatever looks interesting and RealSki will display the landmark names – great for organising rendezvous spots too.

3. SkiPhone

Props for managing to bag the ‘Skiphone’ domain, use this app to take a picture or pick up a call with fat ski gloves on. By shaking your device instead you can avoid slipping your mittens off and exposing your fingers to the blistering cold.

4. Ski Pursuit

We’ve discussed the pro and cons of activity trackers like FitBit but Ski Pursuit takes the committal aspect of these trackers and synthesises it for your phone. Recording speeds, descent and time, Ski Pursuit produces averages daily and per season.

5. Ullr Labs Mobile Avalanche Safety Tools

Although most ski jackets are fitted with avalanche safety functions, why take the risk? This app enables you to check avalanche reports all over the world by using a clinometer to check slope angles – an easy and less painful way to see what slopes are appropriate for your skill level.

6. Liftopia

An easy access database of skiing-related deals. Browse a wide selection of discounted lift-tickets, tuition, equipment rentals and other slope related goodies. You can even book your whole ski retreat through Liftopia.

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