‘I’d Be Nothing Without EU’ Is The Post-Brexit Dating Site

Now that the wider, more accessible dating site akin to Match, OKCupid or Tinder don’t always fulfil the wants of those singletons looking for ‘the one’, specific dating sites based on occupation, sexual orientation and interests have become increasingly popular.

However, dating sites don’t also reflect the state of the times. Namely, in a post-Brexit UK, many people affected by the process and attitude shifts are finding it harder to seek out love and companionship. It’s a very lonely world for people that don’t feel like they belong – especially at Christmas time.

Since the results came in that we were leaving the EU, xenophobia and entitled bigotry has been on a dangerous rise. There just isn’t evidence to say that the increase in hate crimes around the UK and the break from Europe isn’t linked. There is evidence to say that in 2015/2016, the CPS completed 15,442 hate crime prosecutions which is the highest number ever.

Things are dark in the country we used to call home so it’s heart-warming to see that there are people out there trying to scrape a little humanity from the aftermath of Brexit. ‘I’d Be Nothing Without EU’ is a dating site that aims to stop the wave of hate in our country but hitching UK passport holders with EU citizens dealing with a future reality where they face deportation.

Image credit: I'd Be Nothing Without EU

Image credit: I’d Be Nothing Without EU

Started by a couple of students from The School of Communication Arts in Brixton, the project’s central aim is to get a free-flowing system of British passports to counteract the devastating changes that could happen to this country in the next two years.

It’s best explained in Katy and Chloe’s own words: “No fraud. Just love. We want to help you find ‘The One’, and if that so happens to help some EU friends find British visas too, then great.”