5 affordable weekend adventures in Newquay

Possibly the most beautiful place in the entirety of Britain (sorry, Keswick), Newquay also happens to be one of the hardest to get to. Tucked away on the North Atlantic coast, this Cornwall down is one of the few seaside resorts that doesn’t reek of tack – instead boasts marvellous beauty. 

And if you’re thinking: “I spent all my money last weekend in York“, don’t worry. These great adventures aren’t just buckets of fun, they’re affordable as heck. Get on a train or plane or automobile or, if you’re lucky, step outside your door to soak in everything Newquay has to offer.

Here are our top five things to do in Newquay!

1. Beaches

You’re on the coast, and a nice bit of the coast at that.Whether you want to hit up the popular Fistral Beach or the lesser visited Porth Beach, you can easily spend a cheap afternoon throwing a frisbee around, riding those waves or about, Newquay has plenty of choice – weather permitting, of course.


Image credit: Instagram – @fistralbeach

2, Blue Reef Aquarium

Sure, you could go snorkelling out in the sea looking for a few fish but you’re going to get guppies on a good day. Not as large as any city aquarium but equally not as busy. Perfect for when the weather turns and you’ve got nowhere else to be!


Image credit: Instagram – @bluereefnewquay

3. Lappa Valley Steam Railway

Who doesn’t love a little train ride. This steam powered locomotive is an adorable afternoon activity, a lot more fun if you’re shorter than six foot tall. There’s also a kayak lake on the way if you need to cool off and a crazy golf tour.


Image credit: Instagram – @dolly_eyes_and_sunset_skies

4. Porth Reservoir 

People don’t fish as much as they used to. Our parents often regale us with tales of sitting around and casting lines at the local reservoir. Maybe it’s time to see what all the fuss is about. Rent a rod and bring some sweetcorn for bait, turn your phone off and just enjoy nature.


Image credit: Instagram – @magnaforis

5. The Japanese Garden

I know what you’re thinking, Newquay is the farthest away place from Japan in the world. However, this family tended Japanese garden and bonsai sanctuary is the perfect place to clear one’s head.