New study suggests the coffee drinkers will live longer

Known by many as The Elixir of Mornings, coffee plays a huge role in a lot of our lives, some would even consider it a family member. But with great Joe comes great responsibility.

Managing your caffeine and diuretic levels comes with the territory for coffee guzzlers as well as the constant bombardment of articles about the dangers of stimulants. However, a new study is suggesting that coffee actually helps drinkers live longer, suggests The Tab.

Harvard’s Professor Frank Hu has recently completed the largest coffee related experiment the university has ever seen. Testing 200,000 people across 40 years, Hu found that people who drink more of the brown stuff live longer.

It’s also worth mentioning that there was a direct correlation between reduction in the risk of heart disease and diabetes and the amount of coffee you drink – bear in mind Hu was testing people who had moderate coffee habits so your 10 cup-a-day friends aren’t in the clear just yet.

In Hu’s words: “Coffee is certainly a very complex beverage. Besides caffeine, it contains hundreds, perhaps thousands, of bioactive compounds. So it’s very difficult, perhaps impossible, to tease out the effects of individual compounds or chemicals.”

This is why there are so many contradictory studies out there suggesting one minute that coffee will bring around doomsday and the next saying that it’s our only hope for survival.

The bad news for almost every person in mainland Europe is that smoking while drinking coffee will stunt these beneficial effects – sorry about that; you can’t have it all.

What now?