Sleep SOS: Are NASA developing chambers capable of 14 days of sleep? ?

You know those days where you feel like so tired you could sleep for a week? Well now you can (kinda)! As technology becomes more advanced brain-box scientists start blurring the margins between science-fiction and reality. The most recent example are the new sleep chambers in development by NASA for long-duration space missions.

If you’re a graduate or student thinking about going into the space industry, listen up. As Vice report, NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concept program (NIAC) (That’s an acronym within an acronym) are working on a handful¬†of left-field projects set to change the realm of space travel and humanity as we know it.

The concept of a special habitat designed to induce cyrosleep for on long-duration missions just got green-lit and $500,000 worth of investment. For the non-nerd readers out there, cyrosleep is the practice of freezing someone’s body in time for long periods of time. See Captain America, the first Alien movie or Futurama for more information.

But this would only be a temporary solution for extensive space travel. That’s not to say, however, it couldn’t be applied within our atmosphere. The proposed chamber is designed to keep astronauts medically-supported and intact. The biggest problem will be ensuring that muscle atrophy and bone loss wouldn’t turn our brave cosmonauts into puddles.


Image credit: NASA

There’s a lot of technicals to consider but as members of the general public we shouldn’t have to consider or worry about them. We should just be grateful that we’re living in a time where these crazy ideas are even considered realistic. If there was ever a time to get into engineering, it’s now.

If the idea of freezing yourself for weeks at a time is kind of freaky, you can use the same technology to freeze your body in the hope that technology will develop and you will be defrosted in the future-land!