These are the UK’s most attractive accents

The debate is over and the votes are in!  The public has officially ranked 12 of the UK and Ireland’s main accents – and the results might surprise you.

YouGov asked 2,018 adults to rate English dialects on a scale of “very attractive” all the way down to “very unattractive”.

The southern Irish accent was chosen as the most alluring accent in the British Isles, closely followed by RP.

As some of you might have guessed, Scouse and Brummie accents were voted least pleasant (but we still love you Liverpool and Birmingham!)

Here’s the full list:

1. Southern Irish

2. Received Pronunciation

3. Welsh

4. Yorkshire

5. West Country

6. Geordie (Newcastle)

7. Northern Irish

8. Glaswegian (Glasgow)

9. Cockney (London)

10. Mancunian (Manchester)

11. Scouse (Liverpool)

12. Brummie (Birmingham)

By Reenat Sinay