Midday Moment: The Mindful Round Up!

And just like that May has come to a close. It’s been a funny old month with stressful preparations for global changing events like the EU Referendum. As always, there’s more than enough reasons to be stressed about one thing or another. We’ve done our best to provide you with accessible, effective and mindful methods.

But just because we’re closing this franchise it doesn’t mean that we’re going to veer away from mentally healthy features. They just won’t be as regular!

As a parting gift from us to you, we’ve collated our best and personal favourite Midday Moments so you can catch up on some great ways to relax yourself when the pressure of work is getting too much!


1. ‘Beginner breathing exercises to try in your lunch break

When something is weighing heavily on your mind, body or spirit, the solution can usually be derived from simple, affirmative action. Learning to oxygenate your body through these techniques can make some serious changes. Whether you need to sleep better, settle your blood pressure or energise – there’s a breathing exercise for that!

2. ‘How to relieve stress without logging off the internet

When you feel glued to your desk but the stress is mounting a compromise needs to be reached. These methods and websites are designed to work with your daily responsibilities not distract you from them. Listening to ASMR can trigger neural relaxers, destruction videos provide mindful catharsis and flash games are a nice dose of escapism.


3. ‘Mindfulness vs Mindlessness’

We talk a lot about the mindful as the solution to our problems but sometimes letting go of everything can be equally effective. This video details the primary differences between the two methods and promotes a balance between the two!

4. ‘How virtual reality is becoming a tangible cure for anxiety

As mental health awareness becomes increasingly significant, developments in technological remedies will start to crop up. The first being the use of virtual reality to simulate and normalise stressful situations for people that suffer deliberating anxiety. We’ve come so far!c