Meet the people trying to make the Internet a nicer place

A haven for trolls and faceless bots tweeting abuse at people, the Internet doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to being nice. But things are about to change.

Meet The Nice Bot, the brainchild pf US anti-bullying charity Champions Against Bullying and advertising agency Deutsch.

The Twitter bot aims to counteract Internet bullying by tweeting random acts of kindness to users of the social media platform.

The bot sounds out a friendly, positive tweet every 30 seconds to a different account each time to try and counteract its calculations that something mean is posted on Twitter every 60 seconds. Smart huh?

According to Jeff Vinnick, who worked on the collaboration, “The NiceBot’s mission is to spread niceness to everyone it can. It doesn’t worry about the response. It simply thinks everyone is deserving of kindness.”

The Nice Bot only launched last week, but has already sent out nearly 5,000 messages around the web. Which will surely help get them at least some way towards their target of 300 million followers. Quite a hefty amount…

Why not follow them yourself and see if you can get a response. It might just cheer up your day that little bit.

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