Four Meditation Podcasts For A Stress-Free Commute Home

It’s no secret that we’re a big fan of podcasts hereWhile we think of them for being audio platforms for mainly comedy, discussion, music mixes and documentaries; they can also be the best meditation life coaches available on a budget.

We’ve talked in the past about meditation apps but the problem with those is that there’s a finite amount of material and sessions. These podcasts are updated every week or bi-weekly which means that you’ll always have a new means/excuse to cut some quiet time out for yourself.

When a day of work has left its mark on your mental state, these podcasts are the best way to shake off your daily gripes so you can get through the day and get home free of any bad vibes.

Here are our favourite meditation podcasts that can be downloaded straight to your phone.


Image credit: Giphy

1. My Meditation Station

Each episode is given a name for a specific purpose like “dealing with crisis” and “I love, honour, and respect myself”. The host has a super kind voice which is perfect for when you feel like the world has it out for you.

2. The Daily Meditation Podcast

One of the only meditation podcasts you’ll find a new episode every day. With some pretty left-field content, this isn’t one to full asleep to but rather just lie back and let your mind wander.


Image credit: Giphy

3. Headspace Meditation Podcasts

As produced by The Guardian, this series of sort podcasts were produced by Headspace as a part of the news sites Start Happy campaign back in 2011. Luckily there’s a back-log of 15 minute episodes you can work through.

4. Deep Energy 2.0 

The second part of a mediation series (you don’t need to start from the beginning, the plot is pretty easy to follow – it’s just noises), Deep Energy provides ambient music for sleep, massage, yoga and de-stressing.