How To Make The Most Of Your #DigitalDetox

As of this morning, #DigitalDetox was a national trend. We decided that enough was enough and, irony aside, united to combat the mass amount of time we spend staring at our phones, tablets and laptops.

The digital detox is the process of disconnecting ourselves from these devices that we consider a fundamental part of our daily lives… because they are!

And it’s not just young people! According to the BBC, an Ofcom study that included both teenagers and adults found that nearly 60% of us consider ourselves ‘addicted’ and half said that they often spend longer online than they think they should.


The typical adult spends about 25 hours online per week (that’s over a day!) and 10% of us access the internet more than 50 times daily!

Action needs to be taken. We’re all in the same boat so a national digital detox could do us all some real good. Besides, most of us are online to communicate with other online people – if none of them are online, what’s the point?

So you want to begin your digital detox? Is it as simple as just putting all your devices in a draw and getting on with your day? The answer is somewhere between yes and no.

The ideal digital detox (to begin with) is about 24 hours as a minimum but can extend up to 72 hours if you really need a break. This is enough time to reconnect with any people or hobbies that you didn’t have time for when your time was being hoovered up by your phone.


Step one is reminding yourself why you want to switch off. Is it because all your friends are doing it or is it because you want to spend quality time with people who matter to you? There’s no point switching off for 24 hours and spending that time watching TV at home – use those hours to catch up on all the life you’ve been missing out on!

Also, be sure to cover yourself at work. We’re more aware than anyone that computers and social media are integral to a lot of jobs nowadays! If you’re going to digital detox, do it at the weekend where it won’t make your colleagues hate you for 24 hours because you haven’t replied to a single email… oops.