Love or hate the trend of colouring books for adults, here are 3 reasons why they work

With more and more books and themes being released, the world of colouring books doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon – and we’re not talking about the ones for kids.

You may think that they’re a bit silly and should be left to the young un’, or if you think they’re great and why you didn’t get your colouring pencils out sooner, there’s actually a reason why colouring-in books are so popular amongst kids and big kids alike. Here are 3 reasons why these books actually work.

1. Relaxing

If you’re feeling a bit stressed, then look no further than your crayons to unwind and relax. Art therapist Marti Faist said that ‘when someone in colouring, their mind and body are operating in a more integrated way’ that’s almost a ‘meditative process’. And if you needed any more persuading, to sharpen your pencils, then be safe in the knowledge that psychiatrist Carl Jung has been prescribing colouring to patients since the early 1900s.

2. Creative

You can really let go and truly be you when colouring in. There’s no rules as to what colours you have to use where, there’s no deadlines to meet – you don’t even have stay within the lines if you don’t want to! (although, it would be ideal). And it’s not just you who gets to be creative, but colouring-in books are now so much more creative than they ones you remember as a kid. From beautiful illustrations of animals to hilarious pictures of Ryan Gosling – take your pick!

3. Accomplishment

Feel a great sense of satisfaction when you finish that last scribble and you’ve got yourself a full masterpiece that you enjoyed accomplishing and didn’t feel like a chore! You’ll feel proud of your piece of art but it’ll also motivate you and you’ll encouraged to face any other tasks you’ve got to tick off your to-do list.

Now what?