This is how much sugar is (actually) in your drink

We may live off courgetti 90 per cent of the time, but come the end of the week we’re all over that cosmopolitan. However, sweet or not, booze actually contains tons of hidden sugar.

The nutritional truth of your favourite tipple is revealed here.

White wine1. A white wine

Surely there can’t be any sugar in a small glass of wine right? Wrong. While it registers fairly low on the sugar scale, there’s still around 1.25 grams per 125ml glass. That’s 2.5% of your daily intake (which is 50 grams, 70 for a man) and who only has one glass?

Prosecco2. Prosecco

Considering it’s a fizz-lovers dream, this is a surprising one. Per flute you’re looking at about a gram of sugar. Only 2% of your reccommended allowance. You should celebrate more often.

Vodka and cranberry3. Vodka and cranberry

Cranberry juice is a killer, vodka not so much. A large glass (250ml) of the red stuff contains on average  30 grams of sugar (7.5 teaspoons), which is 60% of what you should have daily. We can never go out again.

Gin and tonic4. Gin and tonic

Like most spirits, gin has next to no sugar in it, tonic water however, well let’s just say G&T lovers should look forward to sky-high cholesterol when they hit old age. 18 grams per 250ml glass (four tea spoons).

Rum and coke5. Rum and coke

Rum is, again, nowhere to be seen in the sugar race. But as you probably guessed, Coca Cola is a front runner. There’s 27.5 grams of the sweet stuff in every 250ml (a large glass), which is 55% of your daily intake. We think we’ve cracked it, shots are the future…

Red wine6. A Red wine

Any connoisseurs out there? There should be more of you! Each small glass (125ml) of the scarlet liquid contains only one gram of sugar, which is a mere quarter of a tea spoon and 2% of your allowance. Now what’s the difference between Merlot and Malbec?

Pint of lager7. A pint of lager

We predict a new rise of the beer swilling lout, the health conscious one anyway. Because each pint has almost zero sugar in it, zilch, nada, no more. Calories on the other hand…

Statistics from USDA, NHS or FatSecret

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