5 reasons living with a roommate will benefit you (besides splitting the rent)

If you’ve been through university, you’ll know what it’s like living with other people. Unless you were one of those people that went through their uni years living in single accommodations – you’re the worst. Anyway, in the adult world, because rent is silly expensive, you will have to live with a roommate.  

And yeah, in an ideal world, we’d all have our own space. Having to tip-toe around someone else’s life can be a bit of a pain and I’m sure they feel the same way about you. However, we’re social creatures, especially while we’re young. Having a roommate can be the best way of living, you just might not see it when your kitchen is swimming in dirty dishes.

Here are five reasons living with a roommate will benefit you!

1. You’ll lose weight

LifeHack reports that “people living alone tended to eat lower quantities of fresh food” and, in turn, had better diets. Research found that this is due to the social roles played by cooking and food. It also has a lot to do with the craving of approval from our peers and the power of routine. There are a lot of factors at play but the results are the same: living with someone with make you healthier.

2. Access to a vehicle

At university, I was one of those people that drove and everybody loved living with me… at least I think they did… Either way, living with more people increases your chances of having access to reliable mobility and you’ll get to experience some 80s montage style road-trips in the summertime .

3. Your place is safer

Your roommate will have a completely different schedule to you meaning that there will be very few windows for a robbery to occur. It won’t eliminate the risk but it will make things a lot harder for crooks.

4. Opens up the friend pool

Living on your own in a big city can restrict the opportunities you have for making friends. By having that close connection, you’ll have access to a whole group of other people that could contain a new best-friend, your future spouse or even a better roommate.

5. Free food

Nobody’s the perfect roommate.