Recipe Pick: Paleo Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Guys. What more could you want than a delicious and totally easy to make recipe to kick next week off magnificently?

This week we have a slab of healthy comfort food in the form of a pale chocolate avocado mousse from the amazing mind behind Biteappy, Caroline Oldham. We’ve tried making it over in List for Life HQ and honestly it’s delicious! This is one for you guys and girls out there trying to fend off the temptation of dessert while you’re on a health kick.

You’ve probably got a lot of questions like: What even is ‘paleo’? How do I make this obviously delicious treat? What’s the deal with avocado in mousse? That sounds different and scary. But trust us, fellow List For Lifers, we totally promise that you’re going to love it, plus it’s super healthy too. Over to you Caroline…

This week I wanted to share an amazing healthy raw dessert, don’t let avocados in a dessert put you off, it is a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Try these very simple and delicious paleo chocolate avocado mousse, it is vegan, gluten free and guilt free, what more could you want from a dessert!


½ cup dark chocolate chips
4 very ripe avocados
½ cup of agave nectar syrup/maple syrup
½ cup organic cocoa powder
1/3 cup water
1 tbsp vanilla extract
¼ fine salt
Dried rasberries and honeycomb


1. Place chocolate chips in a small bowl

2. Place a small saucepan with simmering water underneath

3. Stir chocolate until melted and smooth and set aside to cool

4. Place melted chocolate, avocado, syrup, cocoa powder, almond milk and salt in a food processor

5. Blend until smooth and creamy

6. Spoon into dishes or glasses and refrigerate for at least 3 hours

7. Sprinkle with raspberries and honeycomb