Are you REALLY ready for a new relationship?

Are you a Tinderella looking for your prince? Or madly matching on Happn to meet someone? If you think you’re ready for a new relationship read this, you might not be.

Here are five signs that staying single is the right thing for you at this moment in time.

1. You want a saviour

If you feel that a relationship would fill a void in your life then it’s not the right time for you to get into one. Wanting someone to fill a gap leaves you vulnerable to getting into something with the wrong person. You don’t need someone to make you happy. You need to learn to be happy on your own before you will meet anyone.

2. You are often the hero

If you often get involved with people who have issues then it’s a sign that you need to be single. In the beginning they rely on you and the attention and appreciation is nice, but after a while as their confidence builds you can begin to feel used. Sound familiar? If this is something you have done in the past it’s a good idea to take some time out for yourself for a while.

3. You’re still hating on your ex

Old loves need to stay in the past if you want to have a fresh start with someone new. If you are still hung up on your ex or angry with them for how things ended, then now isn’t the right time for you to get into a relationship. Take some time out to mentally move on.

4. You need time to heal

If you’ve just got out of a relationship it can be tempting to rush straight into something new. This is a bad idea because you need to give yourself some time to heal. You will want to be able to talk to the next person you meet about your past and for that to happen your ex needs to be in the past.

5. You have wanderlust 

If you want to move away or travel then now isn’t a good time to start a relationship. Now is the time to be single and free. Enjoy it!

Now what?