Life lessons from the best Millennials of New York posts

Plenty has been said about millennials. But what if you could hear it from the millennial horse’s mouths?

Well, almost. Riffing the style of Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York, two humourous writers have created a satirical page dedicated to the struggles of millennials.

Touching on the ridiculousness of some of the problems the most digitally connected generation face, they have come up with captions to accompany photos of real New York-based millennials. Subjects approve the photo and caption before it’s posted, and even though some of the captions are a bit harsh, they haven’t had to change anything yet. Of course not everyone is in on the joke and occasionally there are comments on the page like: “This is exactly what’s wrong [with the generation]”.

Ridiculous or not, us millennials are still pretty wise  – here’s eight life lessons from the best Millennials of New York posts.

1. Flowers are so 00’s>

2. Get behind important causes 

Captura de ecrã 2015-09-16, às 11.30.333. Don’t underestimate the power of Netflix

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4. Do your part in making the world a better place


5. Pursue your true passions

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6. Remember: JOMO over FOMO

>7. Consider becoming a professional meme scout 

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8. There are more important things than brunch (but we’re still not convinced)

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