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Midday Moment: Why low self-esteem won’t affect the progress of your career!

Mindfulness May continues on! The month is entering it’s final stages; how are you feeling? We’re hoping that our Midday Moments have been helping your stress levels. We’re spending some time every lunchtime dedicated to one helpful way a day to feel better about yourself. Today we’re looking into resolving your self-esteem issues.

Self-esteem is something that we all deal with throughout our entire lives, no matter who we are. Even the biggest personality you know will have, at one point, dealt with overriding inhibitions. It’s hard to believe but it’s true.

We’ve talked in the past about using low confidence. We’re not asking you to indulge in low-self esteem and sabotage yourself but rather flip the script on inevitable self-criticism. Rather than let them get you down, rethink your self-qualms and use them to your advantage.

Before you do that, however, you need to understand why you have low self-esteem. This great new video from, our favourites, The School of Life, details why it’s impossible to have constantly sound levels of self-esteem and why you can have a perfectly successful career without having the heart of a lion.

This is what we learned:

  • There are many people who love themselves without any quantitative signs of approval from the outside world.
  • The correlation between having a successful life and feeling like you have a successful life is barely existent.
  • Three factors can determine your self-esteem:

    What your same sex parent had achieved at your age.

    Self-esteem is relative to how far your parent’s influence extends

    What your peers are up to.

    This can be people who were educated with us, live in the same place as us, are around the same as us and have a concoction to us (friends, family).

    What kind of love you received in childhood

    Conditional or unconditional?