How to snag last-minute city breaks for this weekend

Dying to get away this weekend, but don’t know where to go? There are still tons of last minute deals available on Skyscanner.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you navigate the cheap flight waters.

1. Let the universe decide

If you’re not picky about where to go, letting Skyscanner decide for you could take the pressure off. Instead of entering a destination, click on the “To” box and the “Everywhere” option will pop up. Then you can see which locations have the cheapest flights for your selected dates.

2. Consider regional airports

Some people (ahem, Londoners) like to believe that London = Britain, but when you’re searching for the best last-minute deals, keep an open mind when it comes to where you’re flying from. There are often cheaper flights to be had from places like Manchester, Bournemouth or Leeds, if it’s not too much trouble to get there. Type in “UK” in the “From” box to see and compare the best prices from all UK airports.

Same goes for the airport you’re flying into. Type “France” or “Spain” into the destination box and choose whatever fits your budget and sounds good to you.

3. Be flexible (if you can)

If you have a bit more flexibility or are planning something a bit farther in the future, look under the departure dates calendar and choose “whole month” or “cheapest month” to find the absolute best dates.

Here’s our pick of some of the best last-minute city breaks available* this weekend from London for £200 or less:

Glasgow £113

Oslo £116

Copenhagen £162

Moscow £181

Zurich £185

Paris £186

Rome £187

Helsinki £188

Madrid £190

For the full list, click here.

*As you know, flights fill up and prices change, so act fast!