This is how to make a good impression at Freshers

So you’ve got the grades, and you’re all ready to start a wild three years at uni. First stop, Freshers’ Week. But the prospect of leaving all your BFFs at home and making new friends seems daunting.

Fear not, these are the do’s and don’t’s to avoid making an awkward first impression.

1. DO buy a doorstop

Your chances of making lifelong buddies are going to be infinitely higher if your flatmates can actually talk to you. So leave that door wide open.

2. DON’T make it about you

Spending the whole time talking about your “sweet” gap year in  south america is, news flash, ANNOYING. Nobody cares about the time you found a piranha in your outside toilet in the Amazon, nobody. And your new friends might actually want you to know something about themselves, possibly.

3. DO bring something to the table

Like a TV or a radio for the kitchen. Communal items you can use together are a great way to get people spending time with each other. People like presents too, especially from strangers. Especially.

4. DON’T try to reinvent yourself completely

While it’s okay to try and change a few things about yourself you don’t like, it’s definitely not okay to lie to your new housemates. Nobody likes a fraud, and they’ll see through you instantly. Be yourself! We’re sure you’re lovely just the way you are… honest.

5. DO try and make friends with everyone

Even if you’re planning a night of debauched drunkeness, and they’re a teetotaller, at least make an effort. They might turn out to like exactly the same things as you, and you’ll miss out on a lifelong friend.

6. DON’T spend all the time talking about your ‘bestie’ back home

So we’re not as good as them huh? And definitely don’t let on if that is the case…

7. DO sign up to everything

And we mean everything. The more people you meet and make ties with, the more friends you’ll have. Simple!

8. DON’T get into a relationship in your first week

Being joined at the hip with someone you barely know is hardly going to ingratiate you to the rest of the flat. Get a room. A room called the kitchen where all your new mates are, and no one you’re sleeping with is.

9. DO talk to people before lectures

The people on your course are those you’re most likely tt have stuff in common with, so make sure you approach people outside the class. A quick convo with Becky from Liverpool before a lecture on medieval history will make you another pal in five minutes flat. And you’ll have someone to sit next to in lessons.

10. DON’T wait for the fun to come to you

Get out there and do things! You won’t meet anyone stuck up in your room crying because you miss your pet rabbit Binky. Binky’s fine, he’d rather be at the bar with your new mates!