How to look like a Victoria’s Secret angel – from their nutritionist and trainer

The Victoria’s Secret angels are basically professional athletes. They train for hours every day and live off really restricted diets, right? Well only partly. Their nutritionist and trainer Vanessa Packer, the co-founder of Manhattan’s ModelFit, a boutique gym studio, shares all.

Here are her five tips for getting you looking like a VS model.

1. Eat porridge for breakfast

Grains are a really good source of energy and they will fill you up all morning. Make like angel Romee and add berries, nuts and seeds to make it a little more exciting.

Image Credit: Instagram @romeestrijd

Image Credit: Instagram @romeestrijd



Vanessa recommends having a daily juice, preferably a green one. The ideal time to drink one of these is after your workout (which you’ll have to be doing if you want to look like a VS model). Take a (green) leaf out of Lily Aldridge’s book and have a bottle with you on the go.


Image Credit: Instagram @lilyaldridge

3. Allow yourself some treats (yep, really!)

Even Alessandra Ambrosio has the occasional doughnut…believe it or not! Here she is with a huge bowl of ice cream. See, told you. If you deprive yourself, you’ll just end up having a binge and undoing all your good work. Also,”the no-carb rule isn’t totally true,” says Vanessa. Adriana Lima loves Nutella on her toast!

Image Credit: Instagram - @alessandraambrosio

Image Credit: Instagram @alessandraambrosio

Image Credit: Instagram - @adrianalima

Image Credit: Instagram – @adrianalima

4. Avoid processed sugar

The models avoid processed sugar before big shows and shoots. It doesn’t contain any nutrients, and your body doesn’t actually need it. Make like Karlie Kloss and sweeten food with natural ingredients, such as agave instead.


Image Credit: Instagram @karliekloss

5. Cook

If you cook your own food, even if it’s a simple pasta dish, then you will know what’s going into it. Use natural ingredients where you can and save yourself the unnecessary sodium, fat and sugar that is found in processed food, or restaurant-cooked food. Vanessa says that eating out should be seen as a treat.


Image Credit: Instagram @behatiprinsloo

Now what?