How to keep eating and living healthily on a shoe-string budget

Being broke and living in a city is all part of being young and employed. Everyone goes through the ‘strife’ of having to consider renewing an overdraft and picking one night a month to go out. But above all, staying and eating healthily is the most important thing to prioritise.

It’s easy to eat junk because, for one it’s widely accessible, and two it’s cheap as heck. A couple of quids can keep your stomach from growling for good six hours, regardless of the health consequences. Here are five ways to eat and live healthily on a shoe-string budget.

1. Coupons all the way

Spending the three minutes filling out a loyalty or clubcard document never feels like it’s worth it but if you’re doing a food shop consistently every week – eventually it will pay off. Most loyalty systems give you both points to trade for credit and monthly coupons. There’s no easier way to save money on your shop.

2. Apps (for your phone, not little starters)

As with everything else, you should be using apps to organise your healthy lifestyle. There’s so many great health apps out there that do everything from managing how much water you’re drinking, how much sleep you should be getting and even your mental well-being. Alternatively, you can invest in a wearable fitness tracker.

3. The world is your gym

Gym memberships are a luxury and not a necessity. You can turn the world into your gym by taking any opportunity to get you heart going whenever you can. Work out in your bedroom, cycle to work, use Youtube fitness programmes or even just strap those trainers on and go for an old-fashioned jog.

4. Eat before you head to the supermarket

Terrible eating is a byproduct of poor willpower. Shopping for food on an empty stomach is the easiest way to lapse and break your healthy streak. If you eat before heading out to shop, you’ll stick way closer to your shopping list and won’t be inclined to impulse buy.

5. Utilise your freezer

If you are on a legit shoe-string budget, throwing food away just isn’t an option. You’d rather eat mouldy bread than see it go in the compost. What you should do is freeze any excess food in advance – you can almost defrost whatever you need at a later date.