How to get fit AND change the world whilst doing it

A new study has uncovered some disconcerting truths. A huge 48% of women confess to being so “unfit they would get out of breath running for the bus” and 21% of people have never ran further than a mile before. Does this sound like you?

Well this where MyMarathon comes in. What the results also show, unfortunately, is that the fitness-obsessed crazes of the west have created this stigma where only fit people get to exercise – very counter-productive. Of all the people who confessed to being short of breath after 100m, nearly two fifths say they don’t “feel fit enough to join the gym” which is a ridiculous statement.

This May, as a counter-measure, the British Heart Foundation is launching a new fundraising campaign called MyMarathon. It’s an initiative that’s challenging the nation to run a marathon over the course of month while raising money for life saving research.

The beauty of the MyMarathon challenge is that there’s no fanfare or outside pressure. You complete the 26.2-mile challenge when and where you want. You can clear it in one mighty 4 hour stint or spread a little bit over the month.

If you want to do a little bit every week you’ll have to run roughly 6.55 miles per week. If you want to spread the challenge across every day in the month May you’ll be running 0.85 miles a day, which is basically nothing!

You’re probably thinking: “This sounds good, but I wish there was some qualified professional to reassure me that this is, in fact, a good idea”. Well, buckle up, here’s what Christopher Allen, Senior Cardiac Nurse at the BHF, said: “These statistics are concerning, and paint a worrying picture about the nation’s fitness levels.  Heart disease can affect anyone at any age, but keeping physically active is one of the best ways to help build a strong and healthy heart so we shouldn’t ignore the benefits.”

How’s that for reassurance?!

Sign up online for free to MyMarathon by clicking this link here and for more information, click here.