How and why you should actually use post-it notes at work

Post-It notes have been the cornerstones of organised work for nearly 50 years now. They’ve also been the tools of amazing artists but never before have they been popularised for their therapeutic powers.

In a new article from Time, Eric Barker highlights (no pun intended) the benefits of using post-it notes to remind yourself of all the good elements of your life and therefore boost your motivation and self-confidence. Little notes can make a big difference.

1. Confidence

It’s hard to imagine that a small ethos written on an orange square will help you overcome your insecurities but by making a note of your daily accomplishments you’ll realise how much good you do every day. You can even try writing a mini CV from your weekly achievements.

2. Happiness

Make a note of three things you’re thankful for. A common misconception is that happiness comes from trying to achieve what you don’t have, in fact, happiness is found in reflection on what you do.

3. Optimism

Border your computer screen with post-it notes with things you’re looking forward to written on them. It will keep you motivated and in a state of constant happiness. It turns out that anticipation can actually be more fulfilling than getting what you’re anticipating.

4. Purpose

A fun idea is to cover the right hand side of your desk in post it notes full of things you’re looking forward to and the left in your favourite memories. Nostalgia is a great tool for setting yourself on a productive path.

5. Success

Save the middle of your desk for the things and people you want to emulate. Having a goal is very different to hero worship or delusions of grandeur, sometimes you need to be reminded that there’s always room for improvement and that you are more than capable of achieving what you want.

Now what?