6 reasons why getting fit will boost your performance at work

Being healthy through exercise is primarily a personal goal, driven by long-held ambitions or the desire to look toned. However, it can also have a huge impact on our work performance and our success too. 

Here is how boosting your workout in the gym can also boost your performance in the office.

1. Get a good night’s sleep

Ever jogged home after work and felt like you wanted to crash later that evening? That’s because moving between five and six hours before you hit the hay raises the body’s core temperature. When it inevitably drops again, it tells the body it’s time to nod off.

Getting to sleep easily is a sure way to make you jump out of bed refreshed the next day. Not only will it leave you physically and mentally charged for the day’s tasks, but it often puts you in a good mood – which, coincidentally, exercise can do too.

>2. Put a smile on your face

The thought of pounding the treadmill another ten minutes or dragging yourself through the park that one extra lap might not provoke feelings of joy at first, but the hard work can in the long run (no pun intended).

Exercise releases endorphins which create feelings of euphoria. These can even be strong enough at times to alleviate symptoms for those suffering from clinical depression. Not only will your more positive mood make work seem less draining, but it’ll also make you a happier colleague to be around, enabling you to co-operate more effectively as a team member.

3. Inspire confidence

Not only can you be a better colleague, but your workout routine can even go as far as to improve people’s perception of you.

Fit employees are more likely to be seen as driven, confident and self-assured. All these traits are not only sought after by most but admired too, and you’ll find the amount of respect and confidence you gain from colleagues and bosses will likely improve in line with your lap times.

4. Less likely to take a sick day

It’s obvious, but it’s still worth mentioning – if you’re body’s in better shape, it’s less likely to conk out every now and again. So the next time the bug’s going round and everyone needs a day camped on the sofa scouring Netflix, you’ll be the one keeping on top of the work and showing your boss who’s the most reliable.

Not only that, but even when flu season is over (AKA when everyone’s run out of good excuses), you’ll generally feel yourself having more energy to put into any task thrown at you. This will help improve your focus and ability to get stuff done, making sure you stay efficient at all times.

>5. Become a walking to do list

Ever felt like you’re spending half your day trying to remember what you were supposed to do during the other half? It’s harder to get tasks done when you keep forgetting what they are. Missing out on one or two can leave you straggling behind schedule, not to mention disappointing the people you were supposed to be helping.

Thankfully, there is a way to boost your memory skills without having to download and dedicate yourself to a hundred different apps. Studies show that regular physical activity increases the functioning ability of hippocampus in the brain, which is responsible for memory and learning.

6. Fight the addiction

Addictions (alcohol, sugar, drugs…whatever) distract the mind and can sometimes drag a person’s whole social life downhill – and their work life with it.

There are no clear cut answers to dealing with every addiction, and the severity of each individual’s will play a part in the process. But often the urge is driven by a craving for dopamine, the chemical released in the brain in response to forms of pleasure. Short exercise sessions can help distract people from these urges in the short-term, especially if you build up a routine that becomes a part of your daily life.