This is what’s inside a nutritionist’s fridge

Ever wondered what a foodie health expert keeps in their fridge? Look no further. Get the Gloss spoke to nutritional therapist Amelia Freer about what she stocks in hers. You’ll be surprised at its contents.

Here are five things Amelia’s fridge taught us. That’s your next shopping list sorted then.

1. We shouldn’t waste

Amelia doesn’t keep a lot of food in her fridge because she believes that supermarkets entice us into buying far more than we actually need. She is very conscious of waste, and this can actually be money down the drain (or in the bin). So don’t overload or multi-buy.

2. Protein is key

The everyday staple of Amelia’s diet is protein. She eats leftover protein from dinner the previous night for her lunch, and usually serves this with lettuce washed and packaged in her fridge for when she’s in a hurry.

3. Coconut everything

The other staple Amelia loves in her diet is coconut milk. She uses it every single day in her morning chia pudding. Amelia also loves coconut yoghurt, which she puts in her smoothies and freezes to make homemade frozen yoghurt. Coconut water can also be found.

4. Nuts and seeds should go in the fridge

Amelia explains that nuts should be stored chilled. They have essential fatty acids in them, which can be damaged if kept at room temperature. Amelia is also fond of nut butter, and there are loads of varieties out there including hazelnut butter, cashew and peanut. It’s important to check that they are raw though, because if the nuts have gone through a heating process then their fatty acids will be damaged.

5. Beige food is bad

“Avoid a beige diet,” Amelia advises. Colour is super important, so reach for bright fruit and veg. Bright health powders are another thing Amelia swears by. She adds them to her smoothies for extra protein and nutrients. Lipid powders give the brain a boost, and she favours ProBerry-Amla powder by Nutricology