Here’s how to stay well now it’s Autumn

It’s a sad fact to accept but we are officially entering the season of coughs, cold, Lemsips and that scratchy throat which takes weeks to cure.

If you find yourself on high alert in the office, avoiding anyone who sneezes out of fear of catching nasty germs and desperately trying to not call in sick, then prevention is better than the cure. A new study has found that you are four times more likely to catch a cold if you get less than seven hours of sleep a night. So make sure you are fitting in plenty of sleep, and try these other useful remedies to ward off those evil germs.

1. Good hygiene

OK we know you’ve been hearing this your whole life, but it’s such a simple step and does make a big difference. That said, we’re not telling you to become a germaphobe, just make sure you wash your hands regularly and use some anti-bacterial gel before eating.

2. Cardio

Doing a bit of light cardio or a quick jog a couple of times a week is all your body needs to strengthen your immune system and boost your circulation. It should also clear your head with a bit of fresh air if you are feeling rundown and have a headache.

3. Smoothies and juices

Whipping up a delicious and refreshing smoothie packed with vitamin C will help give you that extra guard against colds. A cult favourite is carrot, orange, lemon, a squeeze of honey and some grated ginger for ultimate protection.

4. Wrap up warm

Make the most of the cold weather as an excuse to wear your comfiest, most snug jumpers and knitwear. Protect your throat with a cute fluffy popsicle, and invest in a chic but thick coat so you can stay warm and cold-free while staying stylish.

5. Garlic

Garlic may get a bad rap for making your breath smell but it has been found to help prevent colds. Throw some fresh garlic into your next stir fry, pasta sauce or baked vegetables for an extra boost for your taste buds and immune system.

6. Flu jab

Flu jabs are a necessary evil that may hurt for a few minutes when you get it done, but will keep you protected from horrible colds and flus all winter. Check with your doctor if you are at risk or need a booster jab.