Here’s how much running you need to do to burn off the calories in your treats

There’s a new dietary trend circulating the internet called intuitive eating. It’s a new-age belief system that argues for the case of eating what you want as long as you feel like your body wants it. The logic being that your body knows what’s best for you, right?

Your body can’t be trusted, just examine your past history of midnight McDonalds expeditions. Eating terribly feels so right and that’s why it’s such a problem.

It seems that guilt is the only way to discourage us from eating awfully and so the good folks at Scoop Whoop took to figure out a foolproof system to coerce healthier lunch decisions: they’ve worked out how many kilometres you’d have to run to burn out the amount of calories featured in your favourite treats.

1. A bottle of lager

A couple of bottles after work can’t be that harmful, after all, one of it’s main ingredients is water. Unfortunately, those two bottles would cost you about 40 minutes on the treadmill at a whopping 5.66KM.

2. Cheeseburger

This one had to crop up. The burger has represented poor life and diet decisions for generations now and so, for the sake of your arteries, you’ll need to lace up for a strong 4.05KM of run-time.

3. Fries

When we were kids there were rumours that every fast-food chip you eat, one second would be deducted from your life on earth. Pretty dark for playground banter but it’s not far from the truth. A box of chips will cost you 5.97KM of hoofing.

4. Slice of cake

This one is horrifying because the others, we could live without, but cake? Apparently you’d need to run over 8KM to work it off which is fact we wish we could unlearn.

That’s only a handful of the delicious treats this calories conversion has ruined. Our advice is either to get into running ASAP or. alternatively, pretend you never read this and go back to living in blissful ignorance – delicious.

What now?