8 reasons why Autumn is the best season

So October has arrived. Very cold climes are just around the corner. No more cheeky cocktails by the pool. *sob*

To be honest, with hot chocolate on the horizon and cute Christmas films on a roll, we’re pretty excited for frosty season.

Check out these eight reasons why we’re entering the best season. Who needs a tan?

1. Eat to your heart’s content

You can eat more because you need the extra weight for warmth. Right?

2. Layer up

Who doesn’t like wearing loads of warm, comfy clothes? Any excuse for a new autumn winter wardrobe!

3. Because…mulled wine

That’s all there is to say.

4. Nap time

Everything in autumn and winter, and we mean everything, is done from the comfort of bed. Netflix and chill. That is all.

5. Skiing

And by skiing, we mean the apres-ski bar. Obvs. As if you actually do any skiing on a ski trip.

6. Christmas

The best day of the year is coming up. How is this even a contest?

7. Let it snow

No work, no school, no going anywhere. Perfect. And if you live in the countryside, we have one word for you – sledging.

8. Rolling in it

You have more money because nothing much is happening! More money, less problems.