These are the 5 returning TV shows you MUST watch next

Season two of HBO’s award-winning music industry drama Empire had its premiere last night, and boy did it go down well.

But that’s not the only great TV show returning in the next couple of months.

Here are five other unmissable programmes that’ll have you glued to the screen until next summer.

1. The Affair

“Sometimes I feel like I’m not a real person, like nobody sees me.” Pretty powerful stuff from the Showtime drama about marriage and loss eh? Well there’s plenty more what that came from.

The Wire‘s Dominic West and Golden Globe winner Ruth Wilson were fantastic in season one of The Affair, and the second series is shaping up to be just as good.

Where to watch: Sky Atlantic from October
2. Fargo

This US murder mystery-thriller was Hobbit actor Martin Freeman’s latest smash hit TV outing. Everything he touches on the small screen seems to turn to gold. But there’s a whole new cast coming in for the second series of Fargo. And what a cast it is.

Horror stalwart Patrick Wilson is joined by everyone’s favourite dad-actor Ted Danson (Getting Even With Dad, Three Men and a Baby). The stellar talent doesn’t stop there though, none other than Kirsten Dunst is set to appear come October! We’ll be watching, won’t you?

Where to watch: Channel 4 from late October

3. Homeland

Who could forget the most celebrated political thriller of all time?

The setting’s switched to Berlin for the fifth series, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to be left short of any macho US posturing. No siree.

Claire Danes returns as CIA case officer Carrie Mathison and our screens will be full of her kick-ass ‘saving-the-world’ antics for another ten episodes. Thanks the lord.

Where to watch: Channel 4 from October
4. The Vampire Diaries

Season seven of the cult-hit show is set to hit our screens next month. It’s the first edition of the show not to feature main cast member Nina Dobrev, and many fear ratings will suffer as a result.

We’re not worried though, seven series is a long time to keep going, and every second of fang-induced sexual tension has been unmissable thus far. We haven’t been this excited since King Joffrey had a little too much to drink at his wedding, if you know what we mean…

Where to watch: ITV2 from October
5. The Big Bang Theory

The newest season of the biggest-earning sitcom since Friends has already premiered in the US, but doesn’t hit UK goggleboxes until next month. But be prepared for more geeky hilarity than ever before, with the whole cast returning (with a sizeable salary bump) for an amazing ninth season.

Here’s hoping the first episode clears up some of the monumental cliffhangers that series eight ended on. We’ve waited this long, come on guys, let us in on the secret?

Where to watch: E4 from October