Here is how to avoid getting the flu (it’s simple!)

Your arrival into the office post-Christmas will most likely be accompanied by a chorus of sniffles and chesty coughs; this can only mean one thing: it’s flu season.

There’s no reason to panic though. As long as you follow these basic instructions to avoiding the unwelcome infections, you can avoid looking like Rudolph rocking up late to the Christmas party.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this, there is no cure to the flu. But with a little caution, you can start 2016 glowing and without furnishing your flat with empty Kleenex boxes.

According to the gospel for hypochondriacs, the NHS website, the most effective ways of fending off the nasty bugs emanating from your co-workers are as simple as washing your hands regularly and keeping a box of antibacterial wipes handy, no vaccines or needles necessary.

Studies have shown that the average employee’s keyboard can harbour as much as five times as many germs as the toilet seat on the other side of the office – a disgusting fact but more than enough motivation to keep your paws squeaky clean and your immune system in great nick.

As well as wrapping up warm and drinking plenty of orange juice, you can take the fight to the flu’s front door by participating in regular, and relatively low-risk flu research trials in your nearest city.

The reward is an appealing compensation and the feeling that you are helping combat the illness that keeps daytime telly programmes in business.

Words: Will Butler

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