Startup of the Week: The heated sleeping bag for people who don’t even like camping

Another Monday, another moment to reflect on the awesome happenings in the world of start-ups. At the top of every week we take some time to unearthing the best products, apps, ideas and innovations that are looking for funding. This week we’re looking at product set to revolutionise camping for the everyman and everywoman: the heated sleeping bag liner.

What’s the worse thing about camping? Misery? Rain? Beans from a can? Bear attacks? Actually, it’s none of the above. That’s right, the worse bit of embracing the great outdoors is the unforgiving cold you’re guaranteed to experience in the early hours of the morning.

I’d wager a guess (with no backup material) that this is what keeps a lot of your average city workers from spending weekends embracing the tribulations and beauty of nature.

However, the ‘Glamping revolution’ pushes on. I want to live in a world where camping isn’t just reserved for the masochistic but for everyone, and the Ravean Team have created a product that pushes this idyllic future closer to reality.

Introducing the Heated Sleeping Bag Liner! (could have come up with a better name, really)

Surprisingly marketed more for those that want to comfort of sleeping naked than for those terrified of camping, Ravean
DigitalTrends report: “One version of the bag is designed with a mummy shape and can be used inside a sleeping bag, or as a standalone sleeping bag in warmer temperatures. Another version of the heated liner can be worn as a jacket around camp, allowing you to sleep in the liner and then make a few adjustments to convert it into a camp jacket.”

The liner also comes with an in-built battery so you can charge your phone while you sleep, how cool is that?!

At the time of writing this Kickstarter has $139,081 of it’s $20,000 goal but if you want to get in on the ground-floor on this camping revolutioniser, swing by their campaign page here.