Heat presenter, Sarah Powell’s List of Lust: ‘8 OTHER things I think would make the week better’

Hello beautiful! I’m Sarah Powell and this is my List of Lust, which is 8 objects of desire I think might make everything this week at work a bit better. I am a freelancer and so as well as having to do a tax return I also work all over the place. Sometimes I’m in the office at Heat towers, or in the studio doing my radio show or eating biscuits at home and spilling crumbs on my laptop.

Lists are amazing and I always have several on the go at once. I found one the other day and to my delight realised I’d done everything on it so could cross it all off. If something is on a list and can be crossed off then you are making progress in your life, no matter how much heat you’re putting on yourself. In fact writing this for you to read is currently on about three different lists so I’m making lists of lists now.

May I present to you now then, a list of 8 things which I really do think are glorious and will improve your life and working week no end.

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Clarks Shoes (clarks.co.uk, £45.00)

These silver beauties are called Glove Puppet because they fit so gorgeously round your feet like marshmallows or really soft fudge. I reckon they’re smart enough for work but if not they are perfect for running for the bus in the morning.


Image credit: Sarah Powell

Tetley Super Green Tea Boost Berry Burst Burst (sainsburys.co.uk, £1.40)

I am half woman half tea and always trying to be more healthy. Tetley have been very clever and made green tea bearable by adding berries and then boosting it with vitamins so eating six biscuits with it is guilt free.



Image credit: Sainsburys

Skinny Dip Girls Bag (skinnydiplondon.com, £28.00heat

I adore Skinny Dip London for their rocket shaped phone cases and glittery laptop bags and their handbags are always excellent. This is just the thing to bob your bits in and go out straight from work.


Image credit: Skinny Dip

McVities Ginger Nuts (sainsburys.co.uk, £1.15)

They’re back! The factory in Carlisle was flooded following the terrible weather at the start of the year but now they’re up and running again and no one has taken full advantage of this better than I have. Worth stockpiling by your desk.


Image credit: Sarah Powell

Good Ship Benefit (goodshipbenefit.com)

All Aboard! Ahoy There! And other such seafaring phrases. The Good Ship Benefit is sat on the Thames in that London overlooking the Eye for the next five months with bottomless brunch and hoopla on the deck. The perfect place to get your brows done on your lunch break or cocktails when you knock off.


Image credit: Good Ship Benefit

Joy Angel Eye Sarah Top (joythestore.com, £30.00)

I love this top because it’s easy to wear like a good t shirt and is all clever at the back. I wore it to interview Hugh Grant *oh yes Hugh Grant, did I mention* and he seemed to like it, not that he said anything.


Image credit: Joy

Florence Foster Jenkins

Lovely little film about the life and times of a terrible singer in New York in the 1930s. Meryl Streep is so hilarious I was crying with laughter and people were looking. Perfect for a little post work cinema visit.


Image credit: RexFeatures

Elsie’s Attic Stripe Midi Skirt (elsiesattic.co.uk, £42.00)

I just think if you’ve got a big do coming up or being taken for a fancy dinner by a client or something these skirts are perfect. They’re super comfy just add heels and a tshirt and you’re good to go.


Image credit: Elsie’s Attic