Heat presenter, Sarah Powell’s List of Lust: ‘8 more things I think would make the week better’

Hello darling! I’m Sarah Powell and welcome to my List of Lust, just a few things I’ve been getting very excited about and wanted to share here to stop me squealing about them too loud in public. The working week is hard enough as it is, so you need a giraffe plant pot on your desk and a denim jumpsuit to pull you through.

Also, if you’re anything like me, you may well have been caught in any number of rain showers/ hailstone attacks when you nip out to get lunch. I usually arrive back looking like I’ve had a wet look perm so I’ve put an excellent raincoat on here to prevent this. There’s also the marvellous mid season sales going on so I’ve picked a few bits from those as well.

Lists can change your life. I’ve made 14 already this afternoon and it means there’s now a full plan for the week and also I know EXACTLY what’s in the fridge. It’s also fine to make lists of your lists by the way. In fact once you’ve consumed and lusted over everything below, get a notebook and make a list. You’ll feel amazing. Here then I present my 8 excellent things to make July and work and your life just that bit better.

1. Soap & Glory Orangeasm (boots.co.uk, £6.50)

This is enormous and will keep you going until Christmas. It’s zesty enough to wake you up on even the earliest of work starts.


Image credit: Boots

2. Cat Shirt (topshop.com, £32)

It’s a shirt with a cat on it. No other shirts are required from now on.


Image credit: Topshop

3. Bra Back Converters (marksandspencer.com, £7.50)

These have changed my life. Ideal if you want to wear a holter neck but rather Gary from Accounts didn’t get an eyeful of your bra strap.


Image credit: M&S

4. Ab Fab: The Movie

We’ve waited our whole lives for it and now it’s here. Get bolly and a cab darling.


Image credit: RexFeatures

5. Miss KG Heels (asos.com, £59.00)

These are black and white so will go with everything but they also have a watermelon slice on them to make them amazing. AND they’re in the sale so there’s no reason not to own them.


Image credit: ASOS

6. The Mac (boden.co.uk, £103.20)

Again the sale so go go go, but this is the ultimate in rain coat chic.


Image credit: Boden

7. Denim Jumpsuit (newlook.com, £29.99)

This is alarmingly comfortable and very flattering (especially if you’ve got boobs to deal with) Excellent for work drinks/ your boss’ wedding.


Image credit: New Look

8. Giraffe Plant Pot (anthropologie.com, £20)

Look at him. He would cheer any desk/ window sill up. Let’s call him Gary.


Image credit: Anthropologie