Image credit: Instagram - @Coffeenclothes

What happens to your body if you quit coffee cold turkey

It’s no surprise that as a website that specialises in careers and office-life that we love coffee. In fact I think the only thing we love more than coffee is talking about coffee. Can I say coffee anymore in one opening paragraph? (Coffee) However, this article isn’t about how much we love a steamy cup of mud, it’s about learning to quit coffee.

Like all good things in life, a cup of ambition just isn’t a healthy habit to sustain. It’s addictive, acidic and probably creates more problems than it solves, unfortunately.

Elite Daily have produced a very informative and simple video which you passed on your scroll down here to detail the effects on your body in the weeks after you quit coffee.

They write: “Coffee rules our lives. It dictates how our day is going to be – if your coffee is made perfectly it’s a sign of a good day ahead. If it’s improperly made it’s an omen for the unfortunate day ahead”.

The video shows how your behaviours and physicality will change once you give up the brown stuff from day one to a week later.

Here’s what we learned about our bodies post-quit:

  • Brain fog: Since coffee can stimulate brain activity, not drinking it can cause forgetfulness and a severe lack of focus.
  • Whiter teeth: Because coffee is harshly acidic, over time it will wear out tooth enamel and dull your pearly whites. Your general breath will also improve over time!
  • Increased productivity: People associate coffee with ‘getting shit done’ however since a coffee habit will cause you an investible afternoon slump, not drinking it will give you more stamina throughout the day. You just won’t have that early morning kickstart.
  • Calmness: Since caffeine stimulates our adrenal glands, quitting the stuff will make you feel much less anxious.