Great news food lovers, you can now study tacos at University

Politics? History of Art? Where’s that going to get you? The future of education lies within the tapestry of awesome things that make life worth living, like tacos. Luckily, the University of Kentucky understands the importance of Mexican cuisine and has implemented it into their curriculum. 

In a country where tortillas are currently outselling bread, it would be irresponsible for educational facilities not to inform the youth about the history of their food.

This term, the university is offering an undergraduate course titled: “Taco Literacy: Public Advocacy and Mexican Food in the US South”. So, no, the class isn’t about finding the perfect guac recipe, but rather gives an interesting insight into the cultural relationship between the Southern states and Mexico.

Assistant professor Steven Alvarez created the class with the intention to explore the issues of immigration, inequality, intercultural communication through “the prism of food”, he tells Munchies.

On the first day of class, students were asked to write about their favourite Mexican dish and analyse the ingredients.

The class isn’t as much about setting the students up for jobs in the food sector but broadening their horizons through the context of something they can relate to and something that is intrinsic to their upbringing – also because Tacos are delicious.