Grad life: Your ultimate guide

In a society that constantly assess its achievements against everyone else’s, it’s unsurprising we are all absolutely terrified of being left behind.

But don’t worry, a new study has been released telling us all exactly when we should be doing the ‘defining’ actions of our lives. So now we can all live happy formulaic lives safe in the knowledge that we are no different to everyone else. Excellent!

And who do we have to thank for this wonderful enlightenment? Loans company Amigo that’s who.

They analysed 2,000 adults between the ages of 16 and 65, asking them comprehensive questions about wisdom, life experience and their regrets. What a scintillating conversation that must have been!

According to the data they came up with, here is when everybody thinks you should be doing stuff.

Read on and learn if you’re ahead of the game or more the tortoise of society than the hare. Grad life just became that little bit more competitive…

First full-time job – 19

grad life

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Pass your driving test – 20

modern family grad life

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Move out – 22

moveing out rent grad life

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Move in with partner – 25

grad life how i met your mother

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Get married – 27

get married grad life

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Have first child – 28

chucky grad life

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Buy a house – 29

barack obama grad life

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Start earning average wage – 30

jennifer lawrence grad life

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Now what?